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Campaign Activities

Each quarter FCRW reports the hours our members spend on Republican campaign activities as well as their volunteer hours spent in support of the many events and activities our organization is involved in.  What exactly qualifies as campaign/volunteer hours?  A lot of things!  Included on this page is advice from TFRW about what qualifies to be reported.  If you are not sure, check with Deborah Frank, our Secretary, at 979 249-3903 or LoneOakHill@cvctx.com  
Click HERE for the TFRW reporting form. Remember: This form is simply a tool to assist you in tracking or adding up your monthly hours. You do NOT have to provide your hours on this form or a detailed breakdown of hours to Deborah. She will only need your total hours for EACH MONTH in the quarter you are reporting. A reminder email will be sent out after each quarter ends, requesting your hours. Please send your information to her ASAP, as our hours should be posted by the 15th of the month following the end of each quarter. 
Thanks again for all you do for FCRW and the Conservative Cause!
Deborah Frank, FCRW Secretary

Read below for more detailed info about campaign activities. When in doubt, ask.
This information was provided by Jeanette Sterner, 
VP Campaign Activities, Texas Federation of Republican Women. Below are some clarification points on the policies for club members and associate members to follow when deciding which hours to report.  

I. Fundraisers and Special Events for Republican Women Clubs, Local, State and National Republican Party Clubs.

  • Work done to plan, prepare, and conduct a fundraiser to earn money for political activities of the club or for candidate(s), counts as Volunteer Campaign Hours (VCHrs.)
  •  Special Events, such as campaign rallies, counts as VCHrs if it directly supports the advancement of Republican philosophy and policies.  The intent of the “Special Event" is to elect Republican candidates and/or further the Republican platform.

II. Training Seminars/Workshops count as Volunteer Campaign Hours.

  • You may count time spent planning, organizing and conducting training seminars/workshops whose purpose is to further the Republican philosophy and political views with the intent of getting Republicans elected.  National. State, or Locally sponsored seminars/workshops may count as VCHrs.  This includes, Campaign Management Schools, Get Out the Vote Seminars, Poll Watcher Training, Election Judge and Election Clerk Training, and Leadership Training.  These training hours do not count if one is paid.  However the hours DO COUNT, if one turns the money earned to a county party, your local Federated Republican Women’s Club, a candidate or the TRFW PAC.   
  • You may count time spent preparing for and attending TFRW meetings, to include Legislative Day.  You may count travel to and from the meetings.
  • You may count time spent as a participant in the training mentioned above to include travel to and from the training.
  • Presenting political programs or speeches at Republican Women Club meetings and other Republican Clubs.  You may also count such programs and speeches given at local civic clubs.  You may include travel to and from the meeting.  
IV. Officers of Republican Women Clubs may count time spent on completing the duties required of that office.  This may include administrative work, mailings, and other clerical work.  You may count time spent on such duties as an individual or in committee meetings held at a time OTHER than the club’s Regular Business meeting.  DUE TO THE NATURE OF CLUB BOARD MEETINGS, those who attend the Board Meetings may count the travel to and from the meeting AND the time spent at the Board Meetings.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE POLICY LETTER SENT OUT IN 2010.   

V.  Chairpersons of Republican Women clubs or other Republican clubs may count time spent to complete the work required of the position as Volunteer Campaign Hours.  You may count time spent on such duties as an individual at home or in a committee meeting.  Again, after Club’s Regular meeting, Officers and Committee Chairs can count work done to complete the duties of their position.     

VI. Are there times you DO NOT COUNT HOURS?  Yes, we DO NOT count the hours that we spend at club’s Monthly Meetings.  We count the travel time – how long it takes you to get to the meeting and to get home.  But, if a club member goes to work at Republican Party headquarters after the meeting, the member would count those hours worked at headquarters.  If a club member works on a Republican Women’s club project or duty after a regular meeting, those hours may be counted.  Money donated to the club or to a candidate CANNOT SUBSTITUTE FOR VOLUNTEER HOURS WORKED!  THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE POLICY, BUT DUE TO TWO INQUIRES, IT HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN THE POLICY LETTER.  The question asked was, “Can one earn one hour for each dollar donated?”  NO!  Work is work.  Donations are great, but they do not count as campaign hours.  Associate Members would follow the same guidance. 
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