High School

Welcoming Young Conservatives to a Republican Organization

Fayette County High School Republicans

On Saturday, May 18th, 2019, Fayette County Republic Women sponsored the installation of officers for the newly formed–Fayette County High School Republicans Organization. The installation was held at a local fellowship hall in Schulenburg TX.

Officers installed were: President, Zoe Wilie (Sr), Vice President, Karina Nkemakolam (Jr.), Secretary, Brooke Franzeskos (Jr.), and Treasurer, Kaitlyn Rowell (Sr.).

The officers live in various communities in Fayette County, but all attend Flatonia High School. The Honorable Jeff Steinhauser, Fayette County District Court Judge, issued the oath of office.

After the ceremony, Judge Steinhauser and Ms. Tolbert presented each young lady with a framed letter from US Senator, Ted Cruz, congratulating the group on their cornerstone achievement. Next, each FCRW Officer issued their FCHSR counterpart a gift of “their office” selected to give each one a jump-start along with a few “words of Wisdom” based on their own experience.

Rita Dernehl, group sponsor, then presented each FCHSR Officer a gift basket full of Republican items including new business cards and elephant socks!

The 2019-2020 Sponsors for the club are: Sherrie Tolbert, of Fayetteville, Rita Dernehl of La Grange, and Donna Barr, of Round Top. Three of the newly elected FCHSR officers volunteered at the 2018 Boots ‘n Bling Gala and had a great time.

According to Barbara Appelt, FCRW President, “Their presence at our Gala gave us a first-hand encounter with what we raise money for and who we support. It was that initial connection that gave birth to a high school program and the rest is now history.”
Lead sponsor, Ms. Tolbert, is “…excited about helping the next generation of conservative young people become involved in civic matters and hopes one day that a Fayette County HS Club member will be in Congress, Senate, or even the White House.”

Fayette County Republican Party chair, Deborah Frank, commented that based on their inaugural speeches during the installation “These kids are going somewhere BIG in the future.”

The officers attended a two-day training in June to plan for the 1st year of operations and to schedule a membership kick off in mid-August. The FCHS Republican group is open to any STUDENT who is entering grades 9 thru 12 for the 2019-2020 school year.

If under the age of 18, parental consent is required. All parents are welcomed in the group activities as well.

President Zoe participated in the Ellinger Tomato Festival parade with FCRW. “It was so cool, and we had a lot of fun with positive reactions from the crowd.” The group is planning to participate with FCRW and FCRP in the Round Top July 4th annual parade.

Fayette County students are welcome to attend. If interested, contact Sherrie Tolbert at (713) 962-8452 or satolbert@yahoo.com.

Sherrie Tolbert, FCRW Literacy & Education Chair and FCHSR Lead Sponsor

ABOVE: FCHSR club informational meeting at Las Fuentes April 11: Rita Dernehl, Sherrie Tolbert, Donna Barr, Zoe Wilie, William Ackermann, Kimberly Rutledge, Brian Quezada, Karina Nkemakolam, Brooke Franzescos, Barbara Appelt, and Frank Forestier.

ABOVE: At the May 18 Officer installation luncheon. L-R:  President SR. Zoe Wilie, V-P Jr. Karina Nkemakolam, Secretary Jr. Brooke Franzeskos, and Treasurer SR Kaitlyn Rowell (all from Flatonia High School).

ABOVE: Judge Jeff Steinhauser and (back row) Laura Beth James (Soph), Christopher Johnston (Jr), and Sherrie Tolbert (FCRW Sponsor)

ABOVE: Fayette County High School Republicans had an entry in Ellinger Tomato Fest parade on May 26:
L-R: Deborah Frank, FCHSR member Elaine Wilie, Sherrie Tolbert lead sponsor, Zoe Wilie Pres. FCHSR, Barbara Appelt, and Frank Forestier. It was a relatively small parade but we received a lot of positive response from the crowd.