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Welcome to the Fayette County Republican Women's web site. Our organization is affiliated with the Texas Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women, a body of over 100,000 women who support Republican candidates and causes at all levels of government.

FCRW is open to all Republican women and men who care passionately about the conservative cause.  Education is our mission.  In support of that goal, our annual Literacy Projects provide an encyclopedic dictionary to all third grade students in Fayette County and donates a new adult and children book to each of our four Fayette County public libraries each year.  In 2011 we initiated our annual FCRW scholarship program which, as of 2015, awards a $400.00 scholarship to one graduating senior girl at each of the five Fayette County High Schools.  As one of our fundraiser and community events, FCRW has hosted several Tribute to Women brunches, honoring outstanding women volunteers in organizations throughout Fayette County.

Dear FCRW Members,
I believe that 2016 will be another year for FCRW to shine!  I am honored to continue as your President and, with our very capable Officers, Chairpersons, and members, I know we will shine even more brilliantly than we did this past year. Considering the success of our 2015 Boots & Bling fundraiser, that is quite a goal.

I know all of our members realize how important 2016 is for the USA. The need to stay engaged and get others involved is paramount. We will be forming committees to help in the effort to elect honest, dedicated, conservative Republicans to offices at all levels of government, from County officials up to the President of the United States. Everyone of our members can and should, in some capacity, join in this effort to protect our freedoms and keep Americans safe. 
Complacency is a weakness that Patriots can no longer afford. We must combine our time and efforts if we want our children and grandchildren to have the personal and economics freedoms which we grew up with. Freedom is not free. It requires work and sacrifice.

Let's all join forces to make FCRW shine even brighter.  The USA will be the winner. 

Thank you, 

Judy Cook



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****** A Quick Look ******

Several FCRW members and associate members attended the Republican Party of Texas state convention in May. Pictured L - R: David Stall (FCRP County Chairman, who was also elected as a CD10 delegate to the Republican National convention in July), Bill Wright, Anne Wright, Rock Laibson, Deborah Frank, Tim Spice, and Linda Stall.

The Fayette County Republican Women held their annual Christmas Party and Installation of Officers Thursday, Dec. 3 at the Frisch Auf! Country Club, which was beautifully decorated.  Many were in attendance to celebrate this year’s accomplishments and enjoy a delicious dinner, including Senator Lois Kolkhorst who also performed the officer installation ceremony.  Pictured from left are Senator  Kolkhorst and FCRW officers for 2016:  Judy Cook, President; Nancy Applebe, Vice President; Billie Burns, Treasurer, and Brenda Fietsam, Secretary.  
2016 is going to be an exciting and critical political year and we have a great team in place to make a positive difference.

Lois (4th from left) requested a picture with all the Republican Women present!

On September 19, FCRW hosted an evening fundraiser at The Weimary, raising over $10,000 for our Literacy and Scholarship programs. U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul was our keynote speaker. Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Representative Leighton Schubert also attended.

Thanks to all who worked and attended to make it a huge success!

L-R: Linda Stall, Leighton Schubert, Judy Cook, Lois Kolkhorst, Michael McCaul, and Deborah Frank

July 25, 2015 - SD18 Meeting in Rockport, Texas


"I want to recognize Deborah Frank of Fayette County for being named the Senate District 18 Republican "Volunteer of the Year" at our recent meeting in Rockport. Deborah is a tireless worker for Republican candidates both local, state and national. I cannot say thank you enough to Deborah and so many like her in our district and beyond who are working to elect conservative candidates on all levels of government! Thank you and may God bless you and your work".

Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst

December 22, 2014 - Lois Kolkhorst's Oath of Office Ceremony

After wining the Senate District 18 seat on December 6, Lois took her Oath of Office in a ceremony at the State Capitol. U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul was the Master of Ceremonies, which started with an invocation, pledges to the flags, and the singing of our national anthem.  Governor-elect Greg Abbott administered the oath and presented her gavel. Lois's speech was appreciative and sincere in her promise to "leave it all on the field and take nothing back to the bench".  We know she will tirelessly and honorably serve her constituents of SD18 as Senator.


December 6, 2014 - Lois Kolkhorst wins the SD18 Senate race. What wonderful way to start off the Christmas Season!

I had the pleasure of attending Lois' election watch party at the Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham. What a thrill (and RELIEF) it was when all the votes were posted and she won with over 55% of the total votes.  Of the 21 counties in SD18, Fayette was in third place, behind Washington and Austin counties, as far as county percentage of votes for Lois.  Lois is very appreciative of everyone's had work on her behalf. Here are the numbers: Total votes in SD18: 39,200 votes; Lois got 55.69%; Gates got 34.21%
Washington County: 5,058 votes; Lois got 87.5%; Gates got 8.2%
Austin County: 3,013 votes; Lois got 76.76%; Gates got 19.11%
Fayette County: 2,153 votes; Lois got 71.62%; Gates got 21.96%

December 4, 2014 - FCRW Christmas Party & Officer Installation at Frisch Auf! Country Club

The Valley View dining room where our party was held, as well as all other rooms in the restaurant, was beautifully decorated with garland, wreaths, and fabulous, huge Christmas trees. After a great social hour, we sat down and enjoyed our delicious meal and dessert. Becky Berger then swore in our 2015 officers. Pictured L- R: Becky Berger, SD18 Committeewoman; Judy Cook, President; Cindy Rodibaugh, VP; Deborah Frank, Secretary; Billie Burns, Treasurer. 

Afterwards, Judy presented a appreciation gift to out-going President, Nancy Applebe. which she was thrilled to receive.

In Fayette County, fall is full of festivals and many of them have parades. The Fayette County Republicans participated in the Lickskillet parade Sunday Oct. 19 and Czhilispiel parade on Oct. 26. State Representative Lois Kolkhorst attended both first riding in Deborah's 1955 T-Bird, then in Rock's 936 Ford 5-window coupe. We had perfect weather both days and great response from the crowds!
Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka was with our Republican entry at Lickskillet. There were plenty of beautiful antique cars there. The Judge posed with "Flappers"; Lois talked to the Veterans.


At the Czhilispiel parade, Rock Laibson was proud to escort Representative Lois Kolkhorst, her daughter Lois Kate, and husband Jim in his 1936 Ford 5-window coupe. (Below) Next, Judge Ed Janecka chats with Fayette County Republicans while waiting for the parade to start. Finally, we are ready to roll with a fully loaded truck and riders waving their flags! Kathy Collins is the beautiful woman in the black hat, next to JP1 candidate Greg Covington and his grandson Ashton.

On Saturday, August 30, Lois Kolkhorst, our District 13 State Representative, joined the Fayette County Republican float in the Fayette County Fair parade. Lois walked most of the parade route handing out small American flags and talking to on-lookers. She later spent several hours at our Republican booth at the fair and visited with other vendors in the Exhibit hall. 

Greg Covington, Republican candidate for Fayette County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, had a great float following right behind ours. He was at our Republican booth the Fair every day greeting attendees and manning the booth. Below he talks with U.S. Senator John Cornyn. 

Saturday evening, U.S. Senator John Cornyn was at our booth visiting with attendees, prior to introducing Merl Haggard. Middle pictures: Senator Cornyn and his wife with Fayette County Republican Party Chair, David Stall; Judge Ed Janecka greeting Senator Cornyn, with Deborah Frank, Fayette County Republican Party Vice-Chair in the background.
All above photos courtesy of David Stall Photography.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 State Representative  District 13, Lois Kolkhorst, announced her intention to run for the Senate District 18 seat which will become vacant in November, when Senator Glenn Hegar wins the race for State Comptroller. With her husband Jim and her two children, Lois Kate and Jake, beside her and wholeheartedly supporting her, Lois made her official announcement at 10 AM on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse. This is where she had first announced her candidacy for District 13 Representative 14 years ago. There was a healthy crowd of her loyal supporters gathered for this latest announcement. Among those present were David Stall, Fayette County Republican Party Chair, Deborah Frank, Fayette County Republican Party Vice Chair and FCRW Secretary, and Linda Stall.

All above photos courtesy of David Stall Photography.

FCRW's annual Tribute to Women brunch was held July 22. Below are the honorees and the key note speaker, Shara Fryer (far right).
Go to the "Tribute to Women Brunch" link above to get all the details.
Photo below courtesy of Regina Magee.

On July 4th, FCRW joined with FCRP and entered a float in the Round Top parade.

L-R: Deborah Frank, Judy Cook, Anne Wright and Bill Wright (all FCRW members) were among 17 delegates elected from Fayette County who attended the Republican Party of Texas State convention in June.

Below: On Saturday, Jan. 25, all four FCRW Officers and two Chairs attended the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Leadership Boot Camp held in north Austin. It was a full day of informative speakers, educational workshops, and networking opport
unities. The theme: "Don't Mess with Texas Women!". FCRW attendees L-R in photo: Deborah Frank, Secretary; Virginia Huffer, Membership Chair; Nancy Applebe, President; Freda McInnis, Treasurer; Judy Cook, Legislative Chair; Cindy Rodibaugh, VP.

**** FCRW MEETINGS****  
Go to our "Meeting and Events" link above for details! 


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