Supporting Conservative Causes For More Than 16 Years

Influencing Texans through Education


Supporting Conservative Causes For More Than 16 Years

Influencing Texans through Education

Fayette County Republican Women, Fayette County Texas

Welcome to the Fayette County Republican Women's web site. Our organization, chartered in 2001, is affiliated with the Texas Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women, a body of over 100,000 women who support Republican candidates and causes at all levels of government.

FCRW is open to all Republican women and men who care passionately about the conservative cause. Education and support of conservative Republican candidates is our mission. In pursuit of that goal, our annual Literacy Projects, which began in 2003, provide an encyclopedic dictionary to all third-grade students in Fayette County and donate new adult and children books to each of our four Fayette County public libraries each year.

In 2011, we initiated our annual FCRW scholarship program which, as of 2019, awards a $1,000.00 scholarship to one graduating senior girl at each of the five Fayette County High Schools. Our periodic fundraisers provide the monies for these projects, as well as opportunities to meet candidates and hear dynamic speakers such as Nick Adams, founder of For information on our next fundraiser, visit and "LIKE" us on Facebook: Fayette County Republican Women. (See link in Useful links).

President's Message:

Dear FCRW Members,

Hello, my name is Barbara Appelt. I served as Literacy Chair for six years before being elected President of the Fayette County Republican Women’s Club for 2019-2020. I would like to thank the stellar Board and you for this honor. I look forward to serving this organization with your support. Our former President, Deborah Frank, worked tirelessly for our organization, and I thank and congratulate her on the successes she achieved.

Fayette County Republican Women was organized to inform and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its moral and ethical principles and candidates through education. Since 2003, our club has participated in the Barbara Bush Literacy Library Project (BBLLP) by donating books on history to each of the county’s four libraries and Encyclopedic Dictionaries to third grade students and their teachers, in all the seven elementary schools in Fayette County, including the Home-schooled.

Our annual scholarship program, established in 2011, awards a $1,000 scholarship to one young lady in each of the county’s five high schools.

In our first 2020 Board meeting, scheduled for January 11, we will establish our goals for 2020. Our monthly meetings feature programs with speakers and Chairpersons who inform us about current legislative issues nationally and statewide, as well as local issues. I invite you to join us once a month for these informative programs, you will leave armed with a lot of information every time you attend.

Finally, let’s continue to support our President in pushing forward his agenda in making America great. Let’s keep him in our prayers so that with the help of God he will succeed where others have failed.

Barbara Appelt, FCRW President



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Oct. 3 - 5, eight FCRW members attended the Texas Federation of Republican Women's biennial convention at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. We had a great time and, most importantly, elected a TERRIFIC new SD18 director – Vanessa Hicks-Callaway! We heard from some excellent speakers, including Nick Adams, Ken Star, and Gov. Abbott, to name a few.

The debate between RPT chairman James Dickey and Allen West was the highlight of the convention for me. Perhaps the most fun was our “extended happy hours” Thursday and Friday nights.

A good thing about being our age is that we have a lot of stories and experiences to share! Pictured to the right Barbaba Appelt, Cindy Rodibaugh, Deborah Frank, Donna Barr, Kimberly Rutledge and LaMorris Thompson.

FCRW Board members attend TFRW Legislative Day

ABOVE: On April 24 -25, all FCRW officers and one member were in Austin to participate in TFRW Legislative day. The first evening we attended the Belles & Boots event at Scholz Garten. Many of our Legislators attended. L-R: Senator Donna Campbell, Barbara's sister Marilyn, Kimberley Rutledge, Deborah Frank, Barbara Appelt, and Carole Bourlon.

ABOVE: L-R: Donna Barr, VP; Kimberley Rutledge, Treasurer; Jana Rinehart, member; Sherrie Tolbert, Literacy Chair; Barbara Appelt, President; Carole Bourlon, Scholarship Chair Deborah Frank, Secretary.

We sat in on the House session and then moved to the Senate chambers to attned the Senate session. In each, FCRW was recognized by our legislators – Representative Ben Leman and Senator Lois Kolkhorst.

House District 13 Representative Ben Leman was the guest speaker at our Feb. 21, 2019 FCRW meeting, held at La Grange City Hall. He updated us on the priorities of this legislative session - Property Tax Reform, School Finance Reform, and Property Tax Relief.

He also discussed several of the bills he has filed. Ben has been assigned to four important committees: Land & Resource Management, Redistricting (a 2-session assignment), Transportation, and Republican Caucus Policy Review. Fayette County is lucky to have Ben representing the rural counties in HD13. (Above L-R: Deborah Frank, Ben Leman, Barbara Appelt)

February 13 - 14, 2019, Deborah Frank, as Fayette County Republican Party Chairman, and Kimberley Rutledge, as FCRP Treasurer, attended TRCCA (Texas Republican County Chairman Association) training in Austin.

This training focused on how to navigate the Texas Legislature online web site to locate and track legislation. Above we are pictured (Left side of the front row) with many of the other Chairs who attended.


Our first general meeting of 2019, on Jan. 17, started the year off with an inspiring speaker. Nick Adams, who was born in Australia, is the founder of FLAG (Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness).

He immigrated to America (the RIGHT way) and is now an American citizen. He is America's leading voice for patriotism. He has written four books espousing American exceptionalism, how fortunate we are to be American citizens, and what we must do to preserve our freedoms.

Additionally, FLAG has initiated programs for public schools to reach students inside their classrooms with an accurate, compelling, modern, and inspirational message about America and what makes it special. (Above L: Nick Adams; R: FCRW President Barbara Appelt, second from left, presented copies of the illustrated classroom books on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers to Schulenburg Junior High School).

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Our Boots & Bling fundraiser on October 20, 2018 was a huge success. Held at the Historic Casino Hall in La Grange, it was a fun and productive party. Our key note speaker, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was a hoot! Our DJ, Victor Rodriguez, did an excellent job. So did our auctioneer, Lee Fritch!

Among those who attended were out-going Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka and his wife Margie, in-coming Fayette County Judge Joe Weber and his wife Brenda, and HD13 State Rep. Ben Leman and his wife Christie.

Thanks again to our fundraiser committee members who worked on this event for months in advance. L-R: Cindy Rodibaugh, Sherrie Tolbert, Barbara Appelt, LaMorris Thompson, Deborah Frank, Carole Bourlon, Rita Dernehl, Kimberley Rutledge (fundraiser Chair). Sarah Berckenhoff, our Treasurer, is not pictured.

Pictured above: Sid Miller with members of the Lost Pines Republican Women, Aleata Oeser, Jeanne Raley, Carol Spenser, and Kaye Leidy.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst (in green) performed our officer induction ceremony.
2018 officers (L-R) Deborah Frank, President; Cindy Rodibaugh, VP; Kimberley Rutledge, Secretary; and Sarah Berckenhoff, Treasurer.

July 4, 2017
FCRW and FCRP had a joint entry in the Round Top July 4th Parade. William and Brianne Bernsen, along with all six of their children, were dressed in their patriotic best and helped fill our trailer to capacity!!

Caitlin and WIlliam Bersen walked the entire 4-mile parade route handling out small American flags.

May 18, 2017

Fayette County Republican Women Donate $4,000 to County Law Enforcement

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, the Fayette County Republican Women (FCRW) presented checks for $1000 each to representatives from the four law enforcement agencies that protect Fayette County. The money will be used to purchase protective vests for the men and women on patrol.

The idea was the brainchild of Joan and Mike Spencer, along with Bill and LaMorris Thompson, who contacted the officers regarding how the community could help them be safe when criminals are sometimes equipped with better weapons than the police force.

By invitation, officers from each agency attended FCRW’s January general meeting where they explained their work duties and discussed encounters with criminal elements. The Fayette County Republican Women are proud to “Back the Blue” with these donations.

Front Row left to right: Deborah Frank, FCRW President, Troy Brenek, Police Chief, Schulenburg, Perry Kram, Police Chief, Flatonia, David Gilbreath, Police Chief, La Grange, Randy Noviskie, representing Sheriff Keith Korenek, LaMorris Thompson, FCRW Membership chair. In the background: Members of Fayette County Republican Women.

Several FCRW members and associate members attended the Republican Party of Texas state convention in May 2016.

Pictured L - R: David Stall (FCRP County Chairman, who was also elected as a CD10 delegate to the Republican National convention in July 2016), Bill Wright, Anne Wright, Rock Laibson, Deborah Frank, Tim Spice, and Linda Stall.

July 25, 2015 - SD18 Meeting in Rockport, Texas / Sep. 11, 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award ceremony

"I want to recognize Deborah Frank of Fayette County for being named the Senate District 18 Republican "Volunteer of the Year" at our recent meeting in Rockport. Deborah is a tireless worker for Republican candidates both local, state and national.

I cannot say thank you enough to Deborah and so many like her in our district and beyond who are working to elect conservative candidates on all levels of government! Thank you and may God bless you and your work.”

Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst

In Fayette County, fall is full of festivals and many of them have parades. The Fayette County Republicans participated in the Lickskillet parade Sunday Oct. 19, 2014 and Czhilispiel parade on Oct. 26, 2014.

State Representative Lois Kolkhorst attended both first riding in Deborah's 1955 T-Bird, then in Rock's 936 Ford 5-window coupe. We had perfect weather both days and great response from the crowds!

At the Czhilispiel parade, Rock Laibson was proud to escort Representative Lois Kolkhorst, her daughter Lois Kate, and husband Jim in his 1936 Ford 5-window coupe. (Below) Next, Judge Ed Janecka chats with Fayette County Republicans while waiting for the parade to start.

Meetings and Events

Guests are always welcome, you do not have to be a member to attend.
We welcome your ideas! To provide suggestions for speakers or topics,
please contact our VP/Program Chair, Donna Barr at (713) 962-4311 or


We will not have a general meeting in February, due to our February 22 Presidents Day Celebration fundraiser. See invitation below

This organization is a long-term therapeutic care facility for domestic minors who are victims of sex trafficking. We will meet at the La Grange city council chambers, 155 E. Colorado, La Grange, TX. Social time begins at 6:00. Business meeting begins at 6:30 pm. Bring a friend!

Our recently-election SD18 Committeeman, David Luther will also be at the meeting to introduce himself.

FCRW's 2019 monthly general meetings will be held on the third THURSDAY of each month, excluding July and December.

These will be evening meetings. Social time starts at 6:00 PM. Our general meeting will start at 6:30 PM. NOTE: As of 2019, this is a time change from prior years.

Our events calendar will be updated throughout the year as speakers and events are scheduled

Events Calendar

Jan. 11, 2020: 9:30 AM FCRW Board meeting at Rita Dernehl's home, 1018 Konetzke Ln., La Grange.

Jan. 16: 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location: La Grange City Hall, 155 E. Colorado. Speaker: Brooke Crowder, founding CEO of The Refuge in Austin, a long-term therapeutic care facility for domestic minors who are victims of sex trafficking. Also: SD18 Committeeman David Luther will introduce himself to Fayette County.

Feb. 22, 2020: 6:00 pm. Boots & Bling Presidential Gala fundraiser at Historic Casino Hall in La Grange.

March 19, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

April 16, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

May 21, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

June 18, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

July 4th - Participate in Round Top July 4th Parade with FC GOP.

July - No General meeting this month.

August 20, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location: L
September 3 - 6 FC Republican Party booth at Fayette County Fair
September 17, FCRW General meeting. Location:

October 15, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

November 19, 6:00 pm FCRW General meeting. Location:

Dec. 4, 6:00 pm FCRW Christmas Party and 2021 Officer Installation. Location: Frisch Auf! Country Club.